25 February 2014


Benda baru aku belajar, kecuali no. 2
(seminggu sekali workout pun belum tentu, podah!)
dan no. 4

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20 February 2014

Token of Love

Mak mentua aku kasi last Christmas.

Aku demam keesokan harinya.

Demam terkejut sebab with big earrings comes big responsibility.

You see, the earring has been in my husband's family for 3 generations. Passed down from mother to daughter. She waited for 43 years before passing it down to me sebab dia tak ada anak perempuan.

It was a total shock bila dia amanahkan this 80 years old heirloom to me.

I mean dari banyak-banyak candidate; she picked me! Tak sangka she love and trust me this much, what an honor.

I am so proud to be the 4th generation custodian of this gorgeous earring. My husband will have difficulties to top up his mom's gift because nothing can rival this 'beauty' and its history. Poor baby :)